Reverend Walter Johnson

Reverend Walter Johnson

Professional photograph of my wife, Esther, and I.

My Background

I am a Presbyterian Minister and a member of the San Francisco Presbytery. I hold a degree in Psychology and have training in relational and family counseling. I am very interested in families, and in helping to make them strong and supportive places in which to live. I have been Chaplain at Mills/Peninsula Hospitals from 1965 to 1995 and now Chaplain for Mission Hospice in Burlingame. and I am happy in serving people from all religious backgrounds.

Esther and I have been married since 1954 and have three grown children. We have lived on the Peninsula and have been active in the community of Millbrae since 1967.

During this time, and before as a church pastor, I have had the rich joy of accompanying many couples through their Wedding experience. I bring to you a collection of their creative ideas mixed with my own.

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My Wedding Philosophy

Just as each person is unique, so also, each couple has their own special relationship, memories, hopes for the future and ways of loving one another. It is my belief that your Wedding Ceremony will be richer if it reflects your uniqueness. Through getting to know the two of you together and, in a spirit of openness, we can work together to create a ceremony that will reflect your relationship, your values, your faith and family traditions. I hope that your Wedding feels like your Wedding to you and your family and friends. I will do everything I can to weave your dreams for your Wedding into the ceremony.

What My Services Include

  • Assistance in selecting: a church or site for your Wedding. I have lived in this area for over 45 years and know most of the churches and other beautiful places for Weddings.
  • Pre-wedding conferences (one or more): This is a time for us to get to know each other and for you to know each other more deeply. We will talk about how you met and how your relationship has grown. Also, about the hopes you have for your life together will be discussed. It is a time for us to create together a service that feels right for you.
  • Ongoing availability: to help you cover whatever details or questions which arise as your ceremony draws near.
  • Wedding rehearsal: (Often, for uncomplicated ceremonies, a rehearsal is not needed, -- a review of the ceremony during our conference may be sufficient.)
  • The wedding service: I help coordinate the Wedding party (working with the Wedding Hostess if you have one) making sure that everything goes smoothly. And then, to conduct your Wedding itself. I take care of filling out the Wedding Certificate and the Wedding License. (I trust you will have one by then!) I will tape record your service and give you the cassette. I do my best to encourage the joy of the occasion with family and guests.
  • Following the ceremony: I make a copy of your Wedding License and send it to you and send the original to the County Recorder. I also maintain a copy in my files.
  • In the future: I'll be available for counseling, coffee, or any other services I can provide.

My Rate

  • Rate: My suggested fee is $70 per hour spent on your behalf. I can give a rough estimate of the total cost at our first meeting and a final one just before the Wedding Day. I'd appreciate it if you would send a $50 deposit to hold the date for you. This will be credited to the total.
  • Special Considerations: My fees are open for discussion and I am willing to be flexible if finances are a bit tight.


Even before we get together, there are some things that the two of you can do to enrich our consultation meetings, and get into the spirit of the Wedding celebration. You might set aside some time to be alone together. Make a date with each other to share with each other about the following themes:

Talk with each other about how you are special to each other. Share your dreams for your life together.

Let yourselves dream freely of things that would make your Wedding special for each of you.

Make a note of songs, poems, sayings or passages of the Bible or other writings that express feelings and thoughts you share together. (You might explore differences and similarities of you faith perspectives.) We can consider weaving them into your Wedding.

Your Wedding will be remembered for a lifetime. I will do all I can to ensure that those memories will be warm and joyous.

I look forward to our time together.


Rev. Walter E Johnson, M.Div.

PS. Please make your Wedding Invitation available to me when it is ready. - Thanks

Contact Me

Rev. Walter E. Johnson, M.Div.

21 Colorados Drive

Millbrae, Ca. 94030

Home Phone: (650) 697-6212

Mobile Phone: (650) 888-9661